Sealed Pot Challenge

We currently have a weekly budget of £60 for food, nappies, baby milk, laundry etc for our family of four (our children are 3 and 3 weeks old)

We dont always spend the £60 but somehow the money vanishes out of my purse 😉

So my plan from now is to take the £60 out of the bank before I shop on a friday (instead of using the bank card) and use that £60 for my shopping which I will run from friday-friday, and once friday comes around again I will put anything leftover from the previous week into a sealed pot and wont touch it again till a certain time (I am thinking Christmas at the moment)

At the moment I am using a old ice cream tub which OH cut a coin hole in the lid and we have glued the lid on, then come Christmas time (if that is when I do decide to open it) as its plastic I can just cut it open and get counting 🙂

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