Making easy money

There are a couple of cashback websites I use to make extra money, I usually keep the cashback in the relevant sites bank and only request my money when I need it for something in particular like Christmas or a UK holiday, when you join the sites you can set your account so it pays out as soon as you earn £1 or you can make it higher so you have to request it by setting it to say £1000, you can request your money anytime as soon as it shows payable on the website.

The websites are really easy to use, if you want to buy something from sayDebenhams then best thing to do is go to the cashback sites first and see if there are any offers on for Debenhams if there is you make sure you are logged into your cashback account then you ‘click through to Debenhams’ from the cashback site, the cashback site then tracks your visit and as soon as they receive the money from Debenhams for your visit it becomes payable to you.

The two main ones in the UK are:

Quidco – Quidco charge you £5 a year for using them but you dont have to physically give them the money, they will take it out of any cashback you earn in that year, so if you dont earn any in that year then you dont pay the £5

Topcashback – Topcashback dont charge you a yearly fee and often have top ups offered on their site which means if Quidco are offering £60 cashback with a new phone contract with Virgin then topcashback top it up themselves to £62

Everytime I want to online shop, renew my car, home, life insurance then I always check these two sites first to see who is offering the best cashback (after checking the lowest renewal figures from a comparison site)

There are surveys site where companies pay you to do short surveys, the ones I use are Pinecone Research and New Vista there are more which I am looking into using as well, pinecone pay you £3 per survey, when you first join with Pinecone you are paid in Luncheon vouchers which you can use at many eateries and Asda, once you have been with them for a while you can choose to be paid by paypal.

New Vista give you points for a survey depending on how long the survey was, once you have 50 points they will send you a cheque for £50.

The biggest earner for me is Swagbucks – last year I made on average £25 a month and I could have made double that had I really tried harder, you do various things on the website like watch videos, play games, do surveys and you are paid in swagbucks, you then swap your swagbucks for gift vouchers, the best value for money ones being paypal and amazon, I chose to always get amazon vouchers and by christmas last year I had £300 in my amazon account for presents.

Total earnings for me last year doing my various survey sites and cashback sites was £1000 which paid for christmas and our family holiday to Center Parcs 🙂

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