Hanson Party

I’ve been a Hanson fan since they burst onto the scene 16 years ago (but have been a band and performing since 1992) in 2003 I finally got to see Hanson live and met some awesome people in the queue who are now my best friends.  We would always arrange to see each other every other month even if there was nothing Hanson related to do (we also try and go to every show Hanson do in the UK and sometimes abroad together) and we would do something, see a concert by another band, go see Derren Brown anything really, sometimes just chilling in our houses watching old school Hanson videos and having fun.

We havent been able to do that for a while as we get older life kind of gets in the way, some of us have met partners, bought houses and had children, its not easy to think of yourself when you have “adult” priorities that you didnt once have.

Anyway C has offered for me, L, C2 and A to go to her house for 2 days (1 night) to have a Hanson party to celebrate the release of their latest album “Anthem”

I CANNOT wait, I havent done something like this for at least 7 years, so its going to be a blast, having nice food, nice drinks, lovely company and chat and fangirl Hanson-ness 🙂

R xx

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